Shelter and Transitional housing will include room and beds for women with young children (5 years and younger).


Shelter beds are for woman who need temporary care and support for 30-90 days. Leaving “the life” can be a difficult decision for many reasons. At Terebinth Refuge we understand this and work to provide women with their immediate needs, hot meals, clean clothes, hygiene supplies and a place to stay for a time; no judgement, just love encouragement and care.


Transitional Housing

Terebinth Refuge will provide a strength-based, trauma-informed home and supportive environment for women who are ready to take the steps of leaving “the life”. Supportive services will include, sexual exploitation specific support group,  individual therapy, chemical dependency support, life skills education,  education and employment assistance, spiritual guidance as well as access to legal support services. Some services such as medical will be referred out into the community. Length of stay will be dependent on the individual needs of each woman as an individualized plan is developed to help her transition and meet her goals. Our purpose is to help each woman reach a place in which she has experienced significant healing in her life, recognizes her God-ordained worth and has developed the confidence and skills to move forward into a healthy and successful life.