10 ways to be aware in your community

Ten signs of sex trafficking in a community:

  1. A business where employees both live and work, with unusually crowded arrangements; E.g.,restaurant, nail salon, massage parlor, farm
  2. A building or home with an unusual amount of surveillance equipment- a level not normal for the type of property it is
  3. Men offering young girls a ride at city bus stops or transportation terminals
  4. An older man with a younger girl at a salon, requesting make-up application and a hairstyle not suitable for her age
  5.  A young girl with a bar code tattoo or one that says “Daddy,” or a man’s name

    (Specific to travel)
  6. A young person in a hotel room in the middle of the day
  7. An older man and a child checking into a hotel with no luggage
  8. Unusual pattern of visitation to a hotel room
  9. For hotel housekeepers: unusual amount of towels being used; condoms in the trash; presence of multiple keys to other hotel rooms
  10. At airports: young females following an older male, making no eye contact and looking to their “Daddy” for permission to speak


Five things you can do to help STOP sex trafficking in MN:

  1. If you are suspicious of sex trafficking activity call your local law enforcement- or call the National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888; Text: 233733

  2. If a child/woman comes to you for help, call the Safe Harbor 24-hour Crisis Line: (800) 291-2139
  3. Reduce the demand for sex trafficking through the Don’t Buy It project; visit www.dontbuyitproject.org
  4. Value the humanness in everyone
  5. Share this email with everyone on your contact list. Be Aware and Share!


“One in seven American men admit to buying sex in his lifetime. White, middle-aged, married men with middle to upper socio-economic backgrounds are the primary purchasers.”