10 Ways To Be Aware in Neighborhoods

Ten signs of sex trafficking in your neighborhood, and home:

  1. A home that attracts a lot of car traffic, day and night
  2. Unusual amount of people living in the same home or apartment with seemingly odd habits
  3. A group of girls living together in an apartment or house- with 24/7 traffic
  4. Lurking, slow-driving vehicles at your parks, school or neighborhood bus stop- wherever children gather
  5. Appearance of locks on doors or windows that are keeping people in, not out
  6. A woman, or girl, anxiously trying to get the attention of men at gas stations or convenient stores
  7. A child has become secretive, spending a lot of time alone in their room
  8. A child’s shiny personality has become dull- they’ve withdrawn and seem sad and have a drastic change in appearance 
  9. A child seems unusually and increasingly attached to their phone
  10. A child talks about new friends they’ve met on the internet, and is detaching from old friends

What You Can Do

Five things you can do to help STOP sex trafficking in MN:

  1. If you are suspicious of a home, an apartment, or activity in your neighborhood, call your local law enforcement- pay attention to things like faces, license plates, dates and times
  2. If a woman, child, or neighbor comes to you for help, call the Safe Harbor 24-hour Crisis Line: (800) 291-2139
  3. Learn simple steps on how to be a smart-phone and internet-savvy parent at www.netsmartz.org
  4. If your child presents any of the symptoms of being groomed by a sex trafficker, talk to a counselor at school, a therapist, or call Terebinth Refuge @ (320) 828-7721. Do not respond with shock or panic as this will cause the child to shut down
  5. Share this email with everyone on your contact list and in your neighborhood- Be Aware and Share!


“In the United States, as many as 2.8 million kids run way from home every year. Within 48 hours of being on the run they will be approached by a pimp, trafficker or perpetrator looking to sexually exploit them."