10 Ways to Be Aware in Schools

Be Aware: In Your Schools

Ten signs that a child/student might be a victim of sex trafficking:

  1. Unexplained absences from school for a period of time, and then returning
  2. Frequent trips to nurse’s office—unexplained bruises or other physical trauma; requests concerning sexual issues
  3. Decline in grades and dropping out of school activities
  4. Withdrawn, fearful and secretive—drops long-term friendships
  5. Makes reference to frequent travel to other towns and cities
  6. Inappropriately dressed—based on age, weather and surroundings
  7. Demonstrates a sudden change in attire, behavior or material possessions (expensive ones)
  8. Has a “significant other” that is noticeably older (10+ years) than her, or in some cases, him
  9. Highly and fearfully attached to cell phone
  10. Engages in promiscuous behavior and may be labeled “fast” by peers

What You Can Do

Five things you can do to help STOP sex trafficking in MN:

  1. If you suspect a child might be a victim, call your local law enforcement
  2. If a child/student comes to you for help, call the Safe Harbor 24-hour Crisis Line: (800) 291-2139
  3. To further educate school professionals, or a parent’s group, or for answers to any questions regarding sex trafficking, call Terebinth Refuge: 320-828-7721
  4. Show your support and wear blue on Thursday, January 11th! It’s National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.
  5. Share this email with everyone in your contact list who might be around, or work with, children/students on a regular basis. Be Aware and Share!


According to Rebecca Kotz of the Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center, children in all levels of our schools are accessing hardcore pornography on their school laptops and tablets. It is not a question of if children will see porn, but a matter ofwhen. This is what grooms children into both victims and perpetrators of sexual violence and trafficking.