Terebinth Refuge will provide safe, supportive, and trauma-informed  housing with  shelter bed services  and transitional housing  for women and their young children ages 5 and under.


At Terebinth Refuge we know that the ravages of living “the life” can bring about a variety of physical, mental and emotional difficulties. We will assist women in getting the medical care they may need. We will provide trauma based therapy and counseling, sex trafficking curriculum and support group, chemical dependency support, along with seeking God’s healing and grace to move women toward healing and transformation in their lives.

Photo by James Woodson/Photodisc / Getty Images


At Terebinth Refuge we will seek to provide women a place of rest, a place to let go of the past, and experience genuine love and acceptance in their lives. We will seek to provide a safe, calm and peaceful environment in which women can begin enjoying life as God intended. We will provide creative recreation, leisure and exercise opportunities.

Our hope is that women will experience, restoration, God’s transformative love, grace and personal words for their lives and future. 


At Terebinth Refuge we believe God has a good and fulfilling purpose for each women’s life. We seek to help women discover those innate strengths, gifts and qualities they possess and provide opportunities to explore, learn and grow in those strengths. We will provide education assistance such as GED, and college entrants. We will provide legal advocacy. We will assist women with life skills such as finance management, house management, and cooking skills. We will assist with job coaching and job placement opportunities. Our goal is to provide women the needed skills and support for their future success and stability.